Jazzercise Oak Bay


I’m grateful each time clients take the time to recount their positive experiences. Testimonials give prospective clients a sense of the service and professionalism I offer. Please take time to read the following:

Jazzercise came into my life at at a time when I didn’t know how much I needed it. I was out of shape, unmotivated, and looking for some inspiration. A couple of friends encouraged me to come to a Jazzercise class and I was hooked right away! I was so active growing up, and kind of lost my groove after I had my first child. When my 3rd child was turning 2 I decided that I needed to focus on me. I figured that a dance-based workout would be my best bet at sticking to something. When I showed up at my first Jazzercise class with Brenda I felt nothing but welcomed and encouraged. I stumbled and cursed my way through that class, and the next, and the next….but what kept me coming back was the amazing energy and enthusiasm of all the people in the room. Eventually the hour just sped by, and I couldn’t believe what a rad workout I’d had in an hour of nothing but FUN. I feel stronger now than I ever have, and the best part is I can run and play with my kids without getting winded. I am setting a great example for them. I have found joy in my workout. I continue to improve and meet goals, and I have made some of the most amazing friends that I can sweat, dance, and laugh with. Incidentally, I lost 20 lbs in the first year, and my body fat percentage dropped by 10%. I got to treat myself to a whole new wardrobe! I love Jazzercise so much and am so inspired by the inclusiveness that I am now on the path to becoming an instructor! See you in class!

Elizabeth Watt